THRASHED – Jake Phelps

Thrashed – the life of Jake Phelps as told by Willy Staley for The California Sunday Magazine.

Click the link and get lost – THRASHED by Willy Staley

Photography by Andrew Paynter

Jake Phelps - Thrashed

Skateboarding probably has more in common with pornography: talented people are paid to be filmed doing something they’re good at, or at least insane enough to try.

This intimate look at the Thrasher editor’s life will take you on a journey. If you can survive that journey and come out smiling, you probably have skateboarding to thank.

Real Spectrum


We are so stoked to be selected as one of 10 UK & Ireland stores to carry the Real Skateboards Spectrum series!
These rad decks are not your average deck, the processes necessary to create the Real Spectrum bottom ply take longer and cost more than a normal skateboard. This results in a more limited run and more of a collectors item (although they still skate like the DLX wood we all know and love!)

We have one set available and are selling in store only. £65 per deck and these will not be restocked!!

real spectrum

real_spectrum_overlap real_spectrum_zoom

HUF Thrasher Stoops USA Tour

HUF Thrasher Stoops USA Tour

The Summer Tour has become a lost tradition in skateboarding, but Thrasher joined forces with the HUF squad to cover as much ground in the USA as possible. Hot temps, hot crew, nothing but good times.

Featuring HUF pro riders Peter Ramondetta, Brad Cromer, Tyler Bledsoe and more!

Check out the video below and peep the collaborations that resulted from the tour HERE

SYSBW 2 – Frank Gerwer

SYSBW – Skateboarders you should be watching!

SYSBW Volume 2 brings you Anti Hero’s hype man and absolute ripper Frank Gerwer!
Skateboarders are not only known for their talent on a board but for their actions off it too. Frank is constantly smiling and hyping up everyone around him – the best kind of goofball! It helps that he can skate faster and better than you or I could ever hope to.

This week Fourstar Clothing welcomed Frank to the team!

SYSBW - Fourstar Gerwer

Loud Headphones

As we are now proudly stocking Loud Headphones, we thought we should take the time to explain why we are supporting this rad project!


Here is the best breakdown of what they stand for, in their own words:

Loud Headphones was formed by a group of veteran travelers. More specifically, professional skateboarders, photographers, and videographers who spend the majority of their careers away from home on the road in dirty vans, motels, and thousands of long plane rides sitting next to the crying babies of the world. We understand the importance of a loud and comfy headphone when you need it the most. Sometimes you need to tune out to stay sane! Our goal is to make headphones and other products to use while skating, traveling and just sitting.

Our main objective above all else is to start something that matters.  We have integrate a charitable business model in our line and made it the foundation of our company.  The $1 donation is the platform for the company that everything else builds from. The Hear No Evil Project has became the idea / spark that has fueled the fire for us to actually make this company a reality.

Loud was set-up to create quality headphones that won’t break the bank. To do this, we reduced the cost of our packaging to its minimum, which allows us to spend that little extra making sure our products hit the right notes.

We achieved this cost advantage by making it our mission to trim the fat from the start.  We are not trying to dazzle you, our consumer, with fancy packaging that can cost more than the product to produce.

We put that cost into our headphones from the start to deliver the highest quality products at a more affordable price. Our packaging is eco-friendly, simple, easy to open, and economic.

Our products are reasonably priced for a couple of reasons. We don’t want someone to have to make a choice between buying a board or getting some music in the ear holes. The second reason is because people lose headphones as fast as sunglasses. We are confident that the price and quality of our earbuds will bring you back every time you need a new pair.

We are also very proud to say that we have partnered with the Let Them Hear Foundation and for every pair of Loud Headphones, we will donate $1 to our Hear No Evil Project, benefitting the deaf and hearing impaired. For more information on the Let Them Hear Foundation and cochlear implants you can visit our Hear No Evil page on our website or please visit our partners website for more information

Thank you for your support.